CAYRE Children and Youth Religious Education

Unitarian Universalist Church of Little Rock
Registration Form for 2012-2013 Church Year

Child's Name Gender DOB Grade Allergies, Concerns, Special Needs
Parent or Guardian Street


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Parent or Guardian
Other Responsible Parties, Relationship and Phone Numbers

We are pleased to offer religious education free of charge.  In lieu of registration fees, we ask that each parent commit to teaching class or leading childrens' activities during worship at least one Sunday per month.  We also ask that you choose at least one special event or activity below that you would like to help with this year:
Teaching 10:00-11:00 each Sunday or just twice monthly: PreK-1st Grade  2nd-4th Grade5th-7th Grade
Special Events and Activities
Lead childrens' activities during 11:00 worship
Lead Second Sunday Faith in Action projects (11:00-12:00 on Second Sunday of each month)
Song Leading (teach songs for children to perform during special Sunday services)
Hallowe'en Party (October)
Winter Holiday Crafts (December)
Un-birthday Party (February)
Easter Hunt (Easter Sunday)
Serve on CAYRE Ministry Team (working with DRE to implement programming)
Serve as CAYRE liaison to Program Council (meets second Tuesday of each month)
I hereby grant permission and medical release for my child/children or wards named above to participate in activities sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Little Rock (UUCLR).  By so doing I release UUCLR and all volunteers or employees of said church from any claim I or my child shall have arising out of any sponsored activity of UUCLR, unless the claim shall arise exclusively from the gross negligence or willful misconduct of a volunteer or paid employee of UUCLR.

I recognize that this permission and release is valid until revoked in writing and delivered to the office of UUCLR. 


By checking this box I signify my agreement to this release   (required for participation) My Name   Date